Y’ALL!!  I have to announce something to you but first I’m going to need a drum roll.  I am hearing it in my head right now.  Thank you:-)Chandelier

First, the backstory.  The hubster is the master of all things.  Can I just tell you that this boy is the rock to my roll, the sugar in my coffee and butter on top of my grits (although that’s been a while)?  There is nothing this man can’t do.  I think God paired us because He knew I’d need someone like this to act as a bonding agent.  Merely, glue that was needed to hold together all the facets of this DIY, Amazon-stalking, essential-oil-crazed, that-looks-fun-let’s-do-it, oh-my-gosh-I-want-that, but-he’s-a-puppy, country gal.  If I can dream it, he can do it and I love that about him.

Fast forward to the lovely picture to your right.  I bought this amazing chandelier for my 25′ X 25′ office a few weeks ago.  The hubster has been doing a lot of travel lately but he said he would take the time to put it up whenever we had something great to celebrate.  Well now of course it took me every bit of 5 seconds to come up with a list of celebratory reasons to get this light installed.  I just had a birthday.  I just finished my big book The Chemistry of Essential Oils (against a bet I wouldn’t).  I gave the dog a bath……….no?

So, come closer………lean in………….I am going to tell you what sealed the deal.  I have lost 10 pounds!  I can now row 3 miles on top of my floor work and bicycle trainer.    Alas, my beautiful chandelier adorns my way-too-small office.  She shines brilliantly to enhance the amazing sparkles that is in my glitzy painted walls.  “Glitzy painted walls”?  Yeah, that was another celebratory project that was done by the hubster about 6 months after he’d just painted them “powder blue”.  That one took some doing!  Like I said, he’s a good one.  I would love to share a picture but I have yet been able to get the sparkle to sit pretty and allow me to take one.

I know what you’re thinking right now.  You think my office must resemble the inside of a 10 year old’s bedroom where the color pink and a glitter bomb got cozy.  Not at all.  The paint is a beautiful clean white with a little dusting of shimmer that glows so sweetly when light hits it.  It’s the best silver dust money can buy (Lowe’s).

Y’all, in this office sits a woman who constantly looks towards the future and also up to the Heavens for her source of guidance and inspiration, a woman on a mission, a woman who works hard day after day.  This woman NEEDS sparkle.  Childish?  Maybe but my gosh we should never get to old for that.  

Call it what you might but this cat right here is down 10 pounds.  I know with every part of me that within that huge cloud of reasons why – is hard work, determination and being surrounded by happy!  Come with me friend