Gosh how I love Saturdays!!  It gives me a break from the mundane routine of work life.   Of course I have to work in a different way with the housekeeping, laundry, yard work and such on the weekends.  Still, it’s good to be off!  As you might guess I am spending part of  weekend packing for my Salt Lake trip.Packed up

The Whole 30s I have done in the past have taught me to plan and prepare for these trips.  I have learned to get real crafty with this stuff, Y’all.   If I don’t do this I could get stuck in a place where I am forced to eat poorly.  If you’re like me that can easily catapult you in to a full blown eat-fest of poor choices the entire trip.

I have always been an all-or-none-thinker.  Despite my best efforts and lessons this country gal will always defer to eating like I was raised – Southern!  If I ever let myself get too hungry – SON I will tear lose on something like a Twister in a trailer park in 0.2 seconds.  Grrrr!  Are you like that?  I’m sure it’s just me

So, in order to avoid that I have prepped for a long day of travel from here in East Tennessee to Utah.  I have healthy snacks that are full of protein in my bags along with my metal water bottles so that I can fill up and add my lemon oil.  Also, I have nuts, carrot sticks, individual cashew butter and celery.  Once we arrive at our destination we (one of my besties and I) will get our things put away and we will hit the grocery store.  This is where we will get the healthy options we need to sustain us the rest of the week.

During the daytime events we will be busier than a fat flea on a hound-dog.  So we’ve strategized with our lunch meal.  The time that would be spent in a long lunch line we will exchange with sitting together eating our stash of healthy foods.  These foods we will bring in using a small cooler in our backpack filled with heathy cold cuts, cheese, fruit and water .

Don’t get me wrong here.  I know that there will be good food and restaurants there.   I also know that the destination’s organization is one of health and wellness.  In fact a healthy lifestyle is encouraged and embraced.  What is even better is to spend a week with like-minded people who love the oily lifestyle as much as I do   Sure wish you all were coming with us.  Next year perhaps?