Ya know, I am typically a pretty private person. Don’t get me wrong y’all I can make friends with a fencepost AND the cow that scratches his backside on it. I love me some people….the more the merrier! I’m just not used to being this public. ALAS, when the heart calls! Well, the heart AND the thighs (insert side-eye, head bow).Pearls

If there is one thing I’ve learned it’s that it is no fun to go this journey alone. Without support and a sister-ship comradery it can be mundane and boring. I want you to know I’m working on some challenges/giveaways/fun and PAR-TAYS!!!! <<<<< OK, that was puffery – I digress.

Can’t wait to have you join me in this journey!  Feel free to chime in down in the comment section below if you’re with me.