I have been elevated to such a tremendous euphoria about my Utah trip that I almost forgot to mention this to you.  I had a post a little while back about my 10 pound chandelier.   My sweet hubz hung my gorgeous new chandelier in my office as a celebration of my 10 pound loss.hearts

I started this vow of healthy living with the intent to simply outlive my many relatives who literally pass in their 40s and 50s with heart disease, diabetes, hypertension and the whole gammit.  I don’t have the best gene pool y’all but I know there are many things I can do improve my odds :-).  Part of that is taking care of myself.  I give you that background to preface my next paragraph.

After 36 years of taking a thyroid pill last month my numbers were off.  Turns out my thyroid is not functioning.  This is NOT the end of the world…….although for a few days it felt like it.  I can’t say that I wasn’t disappointed with a 10 pound loss after a couple of months but I didn’t realize my thyroid had gotten lazy.  If I’m honest it did take the wind out of my sails for a bit.  I knew that I had to get out of my funk and rise up.  My thyroid is not the boss of me!!  It won’t dictate my weight, emotions or energy!!  (Actually, it will.  It regulates all of these things in your body:-().  I just won’t sit around and accept that.

Along with increasing my dosage I have also added taking essential oils (Endoflex) internally to help support my thyroid.  It will be a slow change but that’s ok.  I can live with that.  I will get blood work every two months to check the progress.  My doctor has agreed with this strategy.

I want you to know friends, that I have to take my part in this too.  I had knee surgery in December of last year and I have found it hard to get back to my regular exercise.  When you have a sluggish thyroid you really must exercise to keep weight at bay.  I have been slacking since the ortho advised I would need a knee replacement.  Let me be clear here.  I DO NOT have poor health.  These are my only two challenges right now and I will overcome them.  I have countless miles of walks and 5ks under my belt starting at 10 years old.  I just had to re-adjust my thinking that I now need to use my water rower and/or bike trainer and floor work to get my exercise in daily.

The best point I can make is this.  We cannot lie down and give up.  We can’t give in to negative thoughts that allow satan to creep in and take over.   Our actions will certainly follow suit and then end in a doom and gloom “I can’t do this” attitude.  If I had done this for all the years I’d been dieting I would be as big as a school bus right now!  Please don’t give in.  Don’t do it.  You are worth it.  There is so very much to be grateful for and focusing on the negative will snuff out the wonderful, amazing, positive in your life!!

In part, I am so bigly grateful that:

  • I am alive, have a beautiful life and am able to exercise.
  • That I live in a country where amazing and brave people fight to keep us free and safe.
  • I am surrounded with an amazing husband who completely supports me even through my whims.
  • In this lifetime I was able to experience motherhood with pretty amazing son!
  •  I have the best and amazing friends that would walk through fire for and with me.
  • That we can pour down love like confetti on each other in this journey of a healthy life to support each other.

Take my hand friend  Let’s do the thing.  What are you grateful for?