A Hi-Jacked Mindset – My Advice on How to Get it Back

Has Your Mindset Been Hi-Jacked By Negativity? Here’s my Advice to Fix That! As the seasons change in our lives we sometimes allow the crud part to impede on our thinking.  GIRLFRIEND, we all have it and we all do it.  I have spent the last two years working on myself and with diet change […]

Confronting Feelings

Confronting Feelings & Emotions – My Deal, Seal & Heal – To Get On With Your Life Plan

Getting to the Root Cause of What is Harming Your Wellness Progression   Feelings and Emotions   Do you ever feel down-trotten, lonely? In your quietest moments do you ever follow your thoughts to places you would rather forget? 

Create a Solid Morning Routine to Enable You to Shred Your Day with Energy & Accomplishment

Create a Solid Morning Routine to Enable You to Shred Your Day with Energy & Accomplishment I was coasting; set on auto-pilot and coasting through my day. I was burning the candle at both ends, trying to make the most of my day. Errrrr day, I’m hustlin’, hustlin’……sing it with me now. No matter how […]

Condition Intentional Exercise

How to Condition Intentional Exercise to Maximize Your Wellness Results

How To Set Conditions for Intentional Exercise So That You Can Maximize Your Wellness Results You know you should exercise.  You know that the benefits are vast!  You know that it is going to make you feel like AMAZING when you’re done…..IF YOU COULD JUST GET OFF THE DANG COUCH!! If you are like me […]

Maximize your circle Dianne

Maximize your Circle of Support to Maximize Your Weight Loss Results

Weight Loss: How to Maximize Your Circle of Support to Maximize Your Weight Loss Results Today we’re talking about How to Maximize Your circle of Support! Well…….so let me just drop a little something on ya!! You may be asking yourself why is my circle of support so important? Well, perhaps like many other goals […]

My personal strategy

Personal Strategy to Crack the Wellness Code – To Live in Full Wellness – Mind-Body-Soul

So, are you getting the results you have been searching for in your wellness journey?  Sister, you are preaching to the choir!   That was me for far too long.  It took me finally nailing down the perfect strategy for my total wellness to realize that I was doing it all wrong in the past. If […]


Stop Counting Sheep and Get Some Sleep

My Proven Methods to Getting Amazing Sleep so that You Can Function at Your Best! It’s true, counting sheep can be fun but it is pretty over-rated for helping us get some sleep.  With Life’s stressors today we need sleep all the more and for many reasons!  Let’s start with sleep habits – they’re much […]

All natural weight loss

Weight Loss the All Natural Way – How I Have Lost 40 Pounds With Simple Clean Eating!

Losing weight the all natural way?  YES, I am 40 pounds in to a new weight loss journey – it can be done!! This eating plan is unlike any other I’ve known before but has grown to amazing proportions.  The first three months was amazing,  having lost 21 pounds.  I treasure that time because I did a hard thing!    It helped […]