After I have shared with you my disdain for black coffee it made me start thinking of a better way.  Not that I haven’t done this before, I have!  There is just no comparison to my sweet creamy goodness of Joe with the Moe in it.bullet proof coffee

Of course I have seen many sites which recommend the Whole 30 bullet-proof coffee and I have certainly wanted to try it.  However the thought of dragging out the blender at 5am, pulling out the ingredients, blending, then having to clean it all up hardly seemed worth it!

I thought I would do it once so that I can give it a fair chance to WOO me.  I am at least, a morning person so there’s that.  This morning when the clock went off for a second or two I just laid there thinking about the what needed to be done to start my day.  I knew I had to exercise, get Jake (my sidekick chocolate lab) taken care of with food and frolic in the yard, get hubby out the door and come talk to you a minute or two.  That’s all before I go to work.  Yeah, I figured I would try the bullet-proof coffee this morning.

As I pulled out all of the ingredients I thought about the name of this coffee.  Bulletproof, what would this coffee do for me?  Still half groggy I imagined myself on a Mission Impossible set with Tom Cruise.  What the what??   We were scaling the side of this building by means of a rope that was strewn over the top of the high rise.  In case you’re wondering, I had my own rope (YA, Girl power!).  We were both using our feet to bounce about the building……..I MEAN, WE WERE DODGING BULLETS Y’ALL…!  Suddenly we both stopped and looked at each other.  We realized that we didn’t need to dodge the bullets!  We had our coffee this morning and it made us bullet-proof.  Alas, I ended up saving Tommy’s life by swooping him up when his rope broke loose from the building.  Yeah, I’m tough like that.  How would he ever repay me?

Yes, I really was awake when all of that took place in my mind.  I honestly don’t know why they call it bullet proof but I love MY analogy and I’m sticking to it.   I am posting the recipe below but fair warning, it has Ghee (clarified butter) in it.  Keep an open mind here and  you will enjoy it.  I really did enjoy my one cup.  It tastes very much like a latte’ and I did end up liking it a latte’ (get it?).  I wasn’t sure my mind would allow me to get past the butter part but here I am….killing it.  I sure hope you will enjoy it too.

16 oz of fresh brewed coffee

1 tbs of coconut cream (hard part is the cream)

1-2 tsp of ghee butter

1/2 tsp cinnamon (optional)

Add all ingredients to a blender, blend on high, Enjoy!