Well my friends here we are already at the end of 2018!  Christmas is upon us and it seems to have gotten here REAL quick, right?  It is this time of year when I get all nostalgic.  How about you?  It is hard to keep our minds on what the season is all about.  This day is reserved for the day we celebrate the birth of the BMerry Christmasaby Jesus, the King, our Savior.  My mind gets all carried away in thinking about the loved ones who have gone on to be with Him.

I know that I am not alone though.  Oh we know they are alright and they are safe.  They’re in the best place that could be however it surely doesn’t stop us from missing them does it?  If we let ourselves get the blues during this special season our healthy habits can quickly get away from us. 

I am not at all saying we must grit our teeth and not slip during the holidays.  OH MY GOSH how would that be food freedom?  Of course we can enjoy ourselves with a few splurges but we can’t use the holiday as a magic carpet ride to transcend us right back to a bad place of discourse, struggle and weight gain.  So, let’s eat healthy with some fun and treats sprinkled in but only on CHRISTMAS DAY!  We do not need to do it the whole month!  I mean, c’mon!

I’ve put together a free resource for you called Surviving the Holidays & Celebrations that will give you some great tips on how to do this.  You can find the link over in the Resource Tab.

Until Next time I remain, Yours In Sass,