HEY friends!  Finally, the fog of my travels have lifted.  I’m feeling back to myself and I am on Day 7 of my Whole 30.   Can I just tell you how wonderful it feels?  I mean, I am feeling SO good right now!  I can tell that my thyroid is approaching a good level and most all the inflammation has left my body so today I feel like I could leap over a mountain.Coffee cup

True to form I am having a problem with one thing right now.  It’s coffee, COFFEE!!  You see, I love my coffee with plenty of cream and sugar.  Oh my gosh the creamy sweet goodness of that piping hot cup o’ Joe is reason enough for anyone to get out of bed in the morning!

I’ve always considered myself a coffee connoisseur of sorts.  I have and will try any coffee imaginable……….as long as it has cream and sugar.  I can even drink the decaf……with cream and sugar.  There is nothing better than doing a little front-porch-sittin’ in the early morning with my coffee.  God’s creatures are all stirring, the birds are waking and singing a beautiful symphony.  A rainy day becomes a beautiful thing when I add a great cup of coffee………with cream and sugar.  I drink my coffee up until about 11a every day.  It’s just so GOOD……with cream and sugar.  Are you starting to see the pattern here?

Cream and sugar!  It’s the vain of my existence!  I never realized I had a problem until I started my first Whole 30.  For crying out loud, I need an intervention!  Every single time I allow myself one cup of coffee with cream and sugar, I’m done.  It seems to open the flood gates for the next, then the next and so on.  Whole 30 teaches us that if you can’t drink your coffee black it’s not the coffee you’re addicted to.  I’m sorry but drinking it black is like suckin’ on a tree-root (insert side-eye here).  So much for the Conoisseur reference, right?

Friends, it doesn’t stop there.  Once the flood gates are open for several cups of that sugary goodness I find myself sneaking in little bites of sugar with bread goods. It truly is an addiction.  That’s why I always snatch myself right back to doing another round of Whole 30.  It absolutely forbades sugar and sugar is my problem.  However that problem starts early in the morning when I start my day drinking sugar in my cofffee.  I have learned that about myself.  This black stuff is killing me but fortunately I can add my essential oils to make it taste better.  I am going to try some bullet-proof coffee soon.

Today I am missing my coffee, my way.  This too shall pass but for me personally it’s the hardest part of my regimen.  That.  is.  all.