Hey there Friend!  I found this recipe online and kind of tweaked it a bit.  That's something you will learn.  While a DIY may be "awesome" to one person, another may feel that they want to add this or that more of a product than how they learned about it.  That's perfectly fine.  Make it yours and enjoy it.  At first use these bombs made me leery of them.  I love the fizzing action however when I began to see pink particles floating up to the top of the water I was alarmed. 

Only to realize moments later how absolutely glorious the scent was.  Then moments after that I realized how the coconut oil was moisturizing my skin!!  HOLY COCONUT!  I was a happy chick!  These are just beautiful to set around in your guest bathrooms or your master but please remember to clean that tub after your bath.  Spouse will not be happy if he crowns his backside with the remnants of your transcending interlude   Recipe at the end of the video.