FriendsI said goodbye yesterday to my Aussie friend Di.  After a glorious week long visit that was hard.  As I reflect on that today I thought about how my habits and the best laid plans can change when you have company or at least when I have company.

I am getting better with repetition but this time I didn’t stay on my game the whole visit.  You see I’ve always had this thing about stepping outside my routine.   My history is like this.  As long as I workout I eat healthy.  When I eat healthy I drink 60 oz of water a day.  When I drink my water I take my supplements and so on.  It seems that when I deviate from that routine it sets off a chain reaction of neglecting to do any of it.

I know this sounds weird.  I mean, when you create new habits they should be just that, habits.  However, in the moment I seem to throw caution to the wind and “live a little”.  Turns out living a little will lead to living a lot, i.e., running into the ditch with your health plan.  I’m back at it now but I often wonder if this happens to all of us who struggle.  I guess we each have our quirks.  The important thing is that we recognize it and then hop right back on our game.

My special company, Di?  She’s another story.  She was on “holiday” here in America but apart from not intentionally exercising she stayed on her eating plan.  However, we got plenty of unintentional exercise.  If Di deviated a bit it was only with one bite.  I wish I could get this in my head.  I have never found pleasure in only one bite of a dad-gum piece of cake.  Cake is my weakness.  You can get it by the slice on a daily basis at our local market and guess what?  With this store’s layout you walk right through the bakery to get to the fruit!!  Talk about addiction marketing!

Y’ALL, I will run somebody over to get to a piece of chocolate cake.  It is not pretty.    Having said that though I also know that I have to pay the piper for his deeds.  Cake leaves me bloated and kind of in a sugar coma.  I don’t even digest it well.  Sugar consumption only leaves me craving more.   Is that few minutes of deliciousness worth the after affects?  Sometimes yes and sometimes no.   When I can share a slice with someone it’s always best and I’m left with no regrets.  I do not have to have a whole piece but I do want the whole piece.

This is definitely a habit I have to work on.  The first Whole 30 I did lasted 90 days.  I was so very proud of myself and had never felt better.  The results were astounding!  Today I am back on my game and back to being that headstrong chick.  My pantry, freezer and refrigerator is full of healthy options and as I type this my exercise is complete and I’m ready to start my work day.   I have some amazing essential oil in my diffuser and on the crown of my head.  I am AFTER IT, Ya’ll.