Y’all!  I have just gotten some great news that made me just flip my hair!  (Note: chick in the pic here is not me….I don’t have hair like that.  This is me, being her, wishing I could flip my hair like that, you know, like Cher).  I’m a shawty, I have shawt hair.hair flip

So, about this news.  I am fresh back from the  doctor after getting blood work.  My thyroid had gone off in the ditch a few months ago.  I got on a Whole 30, then remained on “Food Freedom” (chime in if you don’t know what that is and I’ll help explain) and I can now report that my levels are back in line and I’m down 18 pounds!!  Hot DAWG!   Heck Yeah!  Way to rock!  Go-on-wit-cher-bad-self!  Strut Yo’ Stuff Sister!  I hear y’all!

I am so happy right now – I’m hair-flippin’ happy.  I am sure you know what I mean.   It’s that pride that comes from working so hard and staying diligent in rejecting the poor choices.  It’s that amazing reward you get when you know you’ve worked so hard.  It’s when you stand in front of the mirror when there’s nobody around.  Then you grab the hair brush and hold it like a microphone, flip your hair like Cher when she sings I Got You Babe only you burst out into a chorus of Firework by Katy Perry then dance like the rock star you are!

That’s a lot to take in I know but you get it.  Friends, I’m here to plea with you to stay the course.   Let me be the one to cheer you on and re-assure you that although sometimes eating healthy can be struggle but it is SO worth that struggle!  Hang in there and do not be shaken.  You can do this!  If you can work on changing a bad habit to a healthy one, the very first reward you experience is self pride.  There are many different theories to how long it takes to replace a bad habit with a good one.  Personally for me I believe it takes at least 3 mos (while loving on my essential oil).  I’m on month two.  I won’t give up.  This hair-flippin’ thing feels too good.  Virtual hugs to you today.  Praying you won’t give up either!