Well, the time has come to head “home” for a week.  YAS!  We’re loading up Peggy Sue as we speak and heading out to Florida first thing in the morning.  OH, wait, I should probably explain.  Peggy Sue is our 40′ motor coach.  In true southern fashion we name our vehicles.  Peggy Sue is named after my momma.   She’s the boss of the road, keeps the roads hot you might say and LOVES to GO!!travel

I am on Day 13 of my new whole 30 and I would be fibbing if I said that I was not worried at all about the trip.  I have packed my trusty oils and I know they will never let me down.  I have something for the tummy, something for germs or bacteria, and also something for Hep-Me-Jesus-Ima-hurt-somebody traffic.  Kidding I wouldn’t hurt a flea………..as long as I have my essential oils.  Yep, my diffuser is going to be puffing like a chimney as we chug down the road.  It is also going to help my very nervous 2 yr old chocolate Lab, Jake.

I was sure to pack an extra 30 oils that I just cannot do without but perhaps the most important thing I packed is a positive attitude.  Y’all there will be food and lots of it.  We are going to see family, grandbabies, meet up with lots of friends at the beach, and have an amazing time.  The road to hell is paved with good intentions though!  I know without solid sound planning this could turn out bad for me.  So planning is exactly what I did.

The hubs will driving Peggy Sue and it’s a good 9 hours to Florida from here in E. Tennessee.  I know that we will have at least two meals on the road.  So, I’ve boiled a dozen eggs, cooked some bacon, cooked a few turkey patties for me and burgers for him.  We will sandwich a patty between lettuce with tomato, onions, W30 mayo and mustard!   I have plenty of fresh veggies cut up to snack on, fruit and a small jar of nuts.  I even made a hot chicken dip!  OH……and my 5SecondRULE!!!   We got this.

It’s awesome to be able to take the Peggy Sue because she is literally a home on wheels.  I love it and cannot wait for retirement (although I’m quite a ways off) to really enjoy the out-west some!  My prayer for you is that you have a super holiday week/end doing what you love with whom you love!  Stay tuned my friends.  More to come.