Alas, we are on our way back home to beautiful East Tennessee!  We’ve had an amazing time in Florida with friends and family and now it’s time to head home.  We’ve packed everything neatly, closed up Peggy Sue (motor coach) and as I write this we are chugging down the road

The week has been a little challenging with food choices but not at all as badly as I had anticipated.  I prepped with a few great recipes, plenty of veggies and fruit.

There were plenty of times this week when the food opportunities were vast.  We were surrounded by delicious restaurants and choices with gatherings.  I stuck to my Whole 30 plan and did just fine though.  The thing about doing Whole 30s is that it gets easier with time.  The very first one I ever did I thought I was going to DIE.  It truly showed me just how addicted I am to sugar and gluten along with many other things.  Omitting the pasta, bread, grains, SUGAR, dairy etc for 30 days was truly grueling at first but also life-changing.  At the end of my first 30 day round I wasn’t ready to stop.  I loved the way that I felt so very much that I just kept going to……60….then 90 days!  After that I thought I should start re-introducing a little of those foods in order to pinpoint which were troublesome for me.  It indeed is sugar (in a big way) and gluten.  There is sugar hidden in just about everything and disguises itself by using many different names.   Many of those end in “ose”.

I started another round 19 days ago and I find that even on vacation I’m quite comfortable with the grub-a-dub that I am allowed.  Honestly I can say I have never been on a plan this adaptable.  The trick is to find true food freedom once the round is done.   That means take the lessons you’ve learned about your body and use them to move forward with a whole and healthy eating plan.  Don’t completely shut yourself down on your problem foods.  I mean, let’s face it, those foods are yummy!  That’s why we love them.  So what we do is just enjoy them on occasion without feeling guilty or enduring any self-loathing.  We just pick up and move on with our wonderful whole eating plan with the very next meal.  While incorporating all of the lessons taught in the Whole 30 book the rounds get easier as you complete each one.

In summary, I’ve done great on this vacation and I am quite proud of this ole country gal for sticking to my guns.   Two Summer vacations in the books and now it’s back to the mines (work).  By the way, I do not officially endorse Whole 30 in any way.  I’m just a huge fan.