Who is This Chick?

Have You Ever Felt Alone in Your Journey to Health & Wellness?

Do you know that feeling of hopelessness that comes from the relentless attempts at weight loss or reaching your health goals? You are in good company my friend. That was me before 2015. You know, I realized at a young age that weight was going to be a problem for me. By the time I was 18 years old I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism and that only added another hurdle to my battlefield.

SneakyY’all, I am as southern as collard greens and cornbread and everything you’ve heard about southern cooking is true……..except the armadillos….we don’t eat armadillos (said with a side-eye). Well, most of us don’t. (Banish the thought)! We do like everything fried and cook with lots of fat. We are food-pushers and yep, we soothe our souls with fresh hot pans of good ole’ buttermilk biscuits dripping with full fat butter! Of course those biscuits are meant to be chased down with a tall glass of ice cold sweet tea. Girl, Please! Trust and believe that I have lived a nice full life of addiction to good ole southern grub.

The Years of Unrest

That yielded me many years of Yo-Yo dieting. I have tried every diet that grazed my eyeballs. This behavior has led me to dig deep into the origin of my weight issues. I had to take a hard look at my life to pinpoint where this madness started. I realized that it all began at a time of great loss. In particular, when I walked into a room and discovered my precious mother lying alone in her bed and not breathing. I was 15 years old. Life as I knew it was over. Gone was my security, my comfort, my cheerleader, my support. That was truly the worse day of my life at that time.  That was also the day I began to allow that good ole’ southern food to become my very best friend.  I would exercise and diet, then pause a while due to lack of willpower then start all over again out of guilt. This behavior was constant in my life.  Losing my Father at a very young age to heart disease only added to my emotional turmoil. 

Just when I thought life could not get any harder in 2007 I got that call that no Mother ever wants to get. I lost my only child, my son. Devastating grief consumed me. There are several years which had completely faded from my memory - those spent in utter shock.  I didn't want to go on without him.  I was at the end of myself and feeling so broken I wasn't sure if I would.  Crazy thing about life, it forges on with or without you.  Again that faithful friend - southern comfort food - was there, waiting to rescue me. I had done the research on my genetics and I knew that heart disease, hypertension and diabetes riddled my family history. I knew I could not keep living like this.

Finally the Road to Wellness

In 2015 I discovered a perfect healthy plan that works beautifully for me and never felt as though I had to “white-knuckle” it through the program at all. However I seemed to still have trouble with routinely sticking to it! I knew in my heart that this was directly related to my emotions and horrific losses. Nothing would really change until I poured those emotions out, reckoned with, prayed over, respected and honored them. I had kept them stifled and stacked in the depths of my heart as not to live in the reality that was now mine. I  would have to do the hard things if I wanted to live a life without bondage.

That is when I believe God sent a dear friend into my life that introduced me to what would be my saving grace in essential oils. We didn’t know it but she was only the messenger. I would need to use the beautiful gifts she presented with consistency and embrace them daily and I DID.  It changed everything for me!!  I was ecstatic to not be dependent on medication like most all of my family to achieve overall wellness.   Learn all about it here > My Strategy to Crack the Wellness Code

With the help of these incredible products for the first time in my life I was able to:

Face the hard emotions to eliminate using them in an unhealthy way
• Developed a healthy relationship with food and gain food freedom
• Enjoy an amazing overall daily wellness regimen with tons of energy to enjoy life
• Start living an all-natural lifestyle that has really served my family well
• Develop a great kinship with others who are struggling and in need of women support
• Replace toxic products with DYI – (super fun btw - js)
• Get the best sleep of my life
• Much to my surprise I was also able to build an awesome work-from-home business (you can too, ask me how!)

And Today
I enjoy an amazing and full life with a loving family and I couldn’t be more grateful!Family2The relationships I have developed in this journey are truly meaningful. Hence, the birth of Wellness with Southern Sass. This blog was born in hopes of supporting women just like you who have struggled with wellness in any form.   With love in my heart and sass in my soul I have turned a Doubtful Mentality to a Life of Vitality. I want that for you! Come along and take this journey with me. 

I am Dianne Gill, Serial Rebounder (perhaps you are too?), Natural Health Enthusiast, Freedom Seeker, Women Wellness Supporter and I am so happy to meet you!

I would love to hear how I can add value to your life.  Contact me here to see how we could partner in the beautiful wellness lifestyle.