You hear me sing the praises of a whole eating program all of the time.  The program asks a lot of you for just 30 days.  You really have to white knuckle it and watermelontake away all of those less healthy things in your life to prompt a huge change.  It literally will take you through withdrawls of such things too.  It promises to change your life and boy it has for me.  Truth is since my last round I have transitioned to something that fits more into my on-the-go lifestyle.  It is clean eating with the same sound principles as the program.  The program has taught me things that has absolutely changed my life.  It has completely wiped out my old way of thinking and in its place put rational facts that totally make sense.

What do you tell yourself?  Have you been thinking rationally?  Are you kind to yourself?  Are you all over the place?  Do you over-analyze?  It is real easy to get carried away with your self talk.  Times change, new research evolves yet somehow we stay stuck in our old way of thinking.

Does this sound familiar?  “I’ll never get this weight off, I have no willpower”, “My family is right, I’m no fun if I don’t eat like they do”, “I fell off my plan again, I just give up”, “Today is a holiday, I’m going to enjoy the foods I want”, “I’m totally stressed out, I need a donut”, “It’s family tradition, I have to eat with family”, “This argument has taken me off the deep end, I need a glass of wine”, “I’m travleing all day, no time for a healthy meal”, “If I don’t get on that scale every day I’ll go off the rails”, “I can’t lose weight, I have to have snacks around for the kids”.  On and on and on.

Can you see where this self-talk is such nonsense?  If you disect each one, drag it out on the carpet and read deeper in to it you will see that they are all props.  They are things we tell ourselves because they have worked in the past as a stand-in or a cop out to stop working the program.   Sometimes they are a sarrogate for a deeper emotion.  However they do not serve us well in the long run.  The just keep that merry go round of unhealthy habits and self-loathing going.

Friends, we are so worth the efforts to get our health in order!   We need to climb down off of the ledge, get our heads in the game and exchange those negative thoughts with rational facts!  Whole eating has taught me to do just that.  I am no longer a slave to the scale.  I am no longer a fanatic about boxed food.  I rarely go on the inside isles at the grocery store.  I have a small grocery cart that I take on the outter isles because that’s where the fresh fruits and veggies live :-).  I take my food in a cooler when I travel so I am at no ones mercy to supply me healthy eats.  I much perfer the grocery store than fast foods now.  Here is what will really blow your mind.  It is so good!!

Friends, I am here to tell you that with a little planning, preparation, practice, repetition and positive, rational thinking it gets easier by the day.  I promise  you this.