I have been thinking about how much better I’m feeling these days with being back to my healthy habits.  Remember our last conversation about unicorn coffee?  The cream and sugar are what catapults me into unhealthy eating again so I decided not to add it back.  I’ve been drinking my Joe with zero sugar all week and only Cinnamon Bark essential oil.  You know what?  It has works!!  I have managed to stay on track with my whole-eating lifestyle!  RIGHT?!? I’ve not deviated once.  I am essentially still on my Whole 30.biting lip

This brings me to my next observation.  In retrospect, I have been on one  eating plan after another for most of my life.   I white knuckled it for a while but with every intent on staying on track and “making it a lifestyle”.   Whole eating is the single best thing I have found that works best for my body.   Yet for years of my life I’ve had this tunnel vision that would only allow me to succeed for a little while.  I could succeed as long as I could “see” the end but never really getting there.  My subconscious would not let me venture into anything but the white-knuckle way.  There is a better way than “will-power”.  We need to peep out of the tunnel sometime and figure out what it is that is holding us back from finishing…….living the  healthy lifestyle.

Never did I believe that it would come down to coffee…..more specifically the sugar in my coffee.  I believe it was that which lead me to deviate from the plan in the past.  I’m telling you, sugar is of the devil!  For me it’s not an only inflammatory substance but even more importantly it is very addictive.  So addictive that it has a snowball effect on me.  Adding sugar back into my diet sent me down into a rabbit hole and then in a few short days into the Abyss.  I never truly realized the hold it has on me.  I’m going to keep chugging along, prayerfully and see if this new discovery won’t take me where I need to be in both mind and body.

I challenge you to ask yourself the same question.  If you step out of your tunnel vision what might you discover?