Create a Solid Morning Routine to Enable You to Shred Your Day with Energy & Accomplishment

I was coasting; set on auto-pilot and coasting through my day. I was burning the candle at both ends, trying to make the most of my day. Errrrr day, I’m hustlin’, hustlin’……sing it with me now.

No matter how hard we try we cannot create more hours in a day. I am working on my dreams as an entrepreneur until the day I no longer need to work for someone else. Did I mention I also work for someone else?   In doing both I had been keeping insane hours while working real hard at being my best at both. That led me to very little sleep and GIRL. Let me tell you when a hustler reaches a particular age she’s got to have sleep! Can I get a witness?

I had done this for many months. The hours were grueling and my body was feeling it. Back in the day of course I would not have batted an eye at working all night and sleeping 4 hours a day. Despite my best efforts to be honest I didn’t feel like I was being my best at either of my jobs.

But then I was introduced to a book that changed everything for me. Some of these tasks I was already doing but when I got systematic as the book suggests everything changed.

I have put together an outline of my morning routine with suggestions as an example for you as a free resource. I call this my Rock Star Morning Routine and you can pick that up by clicking on the green button right here!

So, the book is called The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod. When you pick up this book and create a morning routine just as is demonstrated it will be a life-changing routine for you and your day! This personal success ritual helps you to get on to your most important task first thing in the morning.

So what is the Miracle Morning all about and how can it help you? OK now, sit right down here and talk to me for a minute and do not dare touch that snooze button my little jitterbug!   Why do you think Mornings Matter so Much? The more you dig in to mornings the more you will see that the early bird really does get a whole lot more than the worm.

  1. How you start each morning sets your mindset and the context of your entire day! Ever think of that?
  2. You will be more proactive if you peak your performance in the morning because you’re more proactive than people who are at their best in the evening.
  3. You will anticipate problems and head them off at the pass.
  4. You will plan like a professional!
  5. You will have more energy. You’re going to love this…..one of the components in this plan is more exercise (I knew you were going to love that part). Don’t get a bee in your bonnet sister, it’s only a few minutes a day. Those few minutes though, set the tone for the whole day. It increases the blood to the brain and that will help you think more clearly and focus on what is most important.
  6. You will gain some pretty impressive attitude changes. That’s right, studies show it to be true. Morning people tend to be more persistent and resistant to fatigue, frustration and difficulties.

So what are we talking here? How much earlier do we need to roll up out of that bed and get moving? One hour….just one lousy hour is going to make a world of difference in your life.

Here’s what Pat tells us in the Morning Miracle book: The hardest part about getting up an hour earlier is THE FIRST FIVE MINUTES! WHAT?!   My frans, those minutes are the moment of truth. Are you going to smack that snooze button or roll on up? That is why the first five minutes is our starting point.

Create a Solid Morning Routine to Enable You to Shred Your Day with Energy & Accomplishment

So after learning that it only takes five minutes to become a morning person I was all in! We can admit it we all start a new routine all gang busters until it’s 6am and you actually have to do the thing. This 5 minute strategy is Snooze proof!

Minute one: Set your intentions Before Bed. Why? Because you typically wake up thinking of the last thing you thought of before falling to sleep. Think about it, it’s true! So we have to be thinking positively as we go to bed so that we awake in the same positive mood. You’re welcome!

Minute two: Get Yo’self out of that bed and WALK across the room to turn off the alarm! If you alarm clock is not across the room, move it there. Once you’re up and walking – that’s half the battle.

Minute three: Brush Your Teeth…….then splash some water in your face. Oh yes, wakey wakey!

Minute four: Drink a full glass of water. Your body has been without water all night and it is now craving water! Start replenishing right away.

Minute Five: Get dressed or shower; whichever you prefer. I like to get dressed in my workout clothes so that I can head downstairs for exercise. Hey you might consider sleeping in your exercise clothes too! Not kidding!

OK sister, now it’s time to soar like the eagle you are! It’s time to really get in the game here and make Stuff happen. I’m going to show you these in nutshell and then I will leave a link for you to go and grab the book for the meat and potatoes. Important to note that you can customize this any way you wish to make up an hour. The process used here is called SAVERS. Now, that sounds easy doesn’t it?

Create a Solid Morning Routine to Enable You to Shred Your Day with Energy & Accomplishment

S – is for Silence (10 mins). Put that phone on airplane mode and don’t even think of hitting social media until you’re done with your routine. That is too much of a rabbit hole and you can get pulled in very quickly and you will totally give away your treasured hour! Just don’t do it. This is your time to stop and breathe! This will immediately reduce your stress levels and set you up for a calm day. You can use this time for prayer, meditation, reflection and gratitude. You choose your source but use it wisely.

A – is for Affirmations (10 mins). Stop laughing. Affirmations are just AMAZING! Affirmations program your mind to becoming who and what you want to be. By affirming your dreams, what you want to accomplish, what you want for yourself – your subconscious will take over and automatically take hold of your beliefs and before you know it your affirmations are a reality! It’s good stuff y’all.

V – is for Visualization (5 mins). Visualization is a technique for using your imagination to create what you want in life. Use all five senses in this exercise to visualize the specific actions to make your dreams and goals a reality. Don’t visualize the results, visualize the actions. Visualizing the results will could actually diminish your drive to get there because your brain has already experienced the reward. Make sense?

E – Wait……..for……….it……..EXERCISE (10 mins)! You knew this was coming didn’t you? Don’t be scared. This should be an everyday staple in your life, even if it’s only a few minutes. This is greatly enhance your health, improve your self-confidence and emotional well-being.  This five – seven minutes of exercise does not replace any morning or evening exercise routine you have but only gets your blood pumping in the morning and helps you get going.

R – is for Reading (20 mins) – When you’re striving for goals in your life and you see those goals being met by successful people you want it too. That is why we should mimick successful people, right? What to read? I love self- help, mindset and entrepreneur books. Yours might look a little different than that but when you think about it the first two should appeal to everyone. Hal suggests 10 pages but I personally read at least 5.

S – Scribing (5 mins). Simply put this is an easy word for writing/journaling. Getting your thoughts out of your head and on to paper can give you really valuable insights that you might otherwise not have seen.

So, just remember that I have put together an outline of my morning routine with suggestions as an example for you as a free resource. You can pick that up by clicking on the green button right here!

Create a Solid Morning Routine to Enable You to Shred Your Day with Energy & Accomplishment

 So there you have it. These are your SAVERS and the very key I use for my Solid Morning Routine. So, here is just one more thoughts for you. This might seem very hard if you are not a morning person but isn’t every new thing a little hard? WE CAN DO HARD THINGS THOUGH!

Taking on a morning routine will create super habits. These habits will carry over into every aspect of your life. This I can guarantee because it has done that for me. When you start enjoying more energy and stamina you will see what a difference this will make for you. You can do it!  So, that’s going to do it for this post my friend. 

Please feel free to reach out to me on Social media or better yet, Messenger and tell me all about your journey.  I would love to know if you got some value out of your Free resource as well.  Until next time, I’m remain Yours In Sass!