Confronting FeelingsGetting to the Root Cause of What is Harming Your Wellness Progression  

Feelings and Emotions  

Do you ever feel down-trotten, lonely?

In your quietest moments do you ever follow your thoughts to places you would rather forget? 

Do these feelings and emotions sometimes become overwhelming? Do they manifest in irrational behavior?  Perhaps you are just not dealing with them because it’s easier to sweep them under the rug, push them back as if they never happened?  

This last emotion resembles me!

You know friends, I’m no doctor so please don’t take my word for it.  I just want to share my experience with you from a place in my heart to give you hope.  I know you are out there, yes, you.  I don’t have to be a doctor to do my research and make decisions for own health.  Neither do you. 

I have been through the unimaginable friends (see my About page for more) and I thought the best thing to do was to keep forging straight ahead, ignoring the obvious.  OH and the breakdowns were o’ plenty but I always felt that I if stopped for one moment to honor the pain and pay homage to it I would be accepting the truth that I would have to live my life without ever seeing my son again…and then I would roll back down into a dark place.

I continued to bury; bury the emotions, stifle the feelings that scared me half to death.  Therefore, they were left unchecked.  Imagine a glass that keeps getting fuller and fuller until it runs over and then down the counter, onto the floor and eventually all over everything.  That is the start of a breakdown.  Upon the visit to the professionals I was told to “just take two of these in the morning and night” and sent on my way.  That was not the answer for me.  I understand and respect the need for it for but it simply was not for me. 

My Revelation: Feelings & Emotions are something that we are born with
~ God wired our bodies to feel things ~


I knew I would have to do the hard work someday.  I knew I would have to come face to face with the pain and heartache and learn to live with because we can’t change yesterday right?  We can only do better but learning from it, growing through it and helping others when you’re strong enough to do so.  People are hurting, y’all.  They’re are watching, seeking help for what seems like living in a pit of hell fire. 

I believe through maturity and growth in grief we can reach a place of forgiveness, self love, compassion and grace for ourselves.  We can then pass what we’ve learned that has worked for us on to others who is not as far down the road as we are yet.  That is why this subject and the resource I will give you with this post IS perhaps my very favorite of post of this blog thus far.  You see, I am proud of my accomplishments, I’m proud of how far I’ve come finally and at last. 

That is exactly why I put together my Confronting Feelings & Emotions Guide. 

I put together for you the very process (inspired by Dr. Phil McGraw’s teachings) that helped me get to the place of healing my sad, beat up, hurt, hopeless, worried heart.  This was in hopes that it would help you too!  This free resource will walk you through the steps that I took in order to be able to reach a place of wellness in my life.  With every post I like to empower you with a free resource which I hope will add value to your life in some way.  Based on my research and results I have put together this Confronting Feelings & Emotions Guide.  I will outline it below but you can find the more in-depth PDF by clicking the green button here.

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PRAYER: There is amazing power in prayer, folks. That is why it ranks first in my humble advice.
  • Pray for strength, pray for courage, pray for healing!  You need to link arms with your highest power to help you get through this.  Mine has never let me down.  If you need help in this department please reach out to me.  I would love to help you. 
DEAL with these tough feelings and emotions.
  • Can you identify the hard emotions that you are burying?  These are the ones that keep you up at night and gnaw at your gut.  Have you been wronged by a situation or person that keeps you bogged down in feelings and emotions?  Sometimes it’s extraordinarily hard to get through these but we can do hard things y’all.  They stretch us out of our comfort zones that’s where the growth and healing comes in 🙂  I give you some good ideas on how to do this in the Confronting Feelings & Emotions Guide.  Get the ole pen and paper out and start writing down the emotions that may be holding you back so that you can DEAL with them.
SEAL these emotions. 
  • That’s right, once you’ve done the hard work in Dealing with these emotions you must put them away and seal the deal.  This means you don’t tread them again.  You don’t relive them.  You don’t drag them up.  You close the door on them and all of the hurt, anger, pain, frustration and sadness that has been harbored in your heart and you do not re-hash them.  This is HUGE!
HEAL: Finally you can begin to heal.  <<<<YES, THIS!!
  • This is the sweetest part my friends.  This is where we reap the rewards for the work of our tattered hearts.  We can begin to heal by moving forward with love, forgiveness and gratitude in our hearts.  Speaking of Forgiveness don’t forget that we just might be the person who needs the most forgiveness of all.  Forgiving ourselves has the most amazing power, Sister!  You will see that in doing so it allows you to forgive others and this has a trickle down affect.  Please never doubt this. 
ESSENTIAL OILS: Consistent Use.
  • Once I started consistently using the best quality essential oil on the planet I have never looked back.  As you will see in the Guide there is only one brand I trust and I use it consistently throughout the day.  These amazing gifts from God has made such a huge difference in my emotions and I couldn’t be more grateful for them.  I inhale them, diffuse them, put them on my body.  The beautiful aroma is able to reach the part of the brain called the Limbic system where all of our memories are stored and that is what makes them so powerful.  There is a link in the Guide for that as well.  You can download the Confronting Feelings & Emotions Guide here on the green button.

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Friend, I sure hope you have gleaned some value from this Guide.  I really worked hard on it and poured my heart out with you in mind.  I do hope you enjoy it.  Please feel free to reach out to me and let me know what you think.  You can find me easily on my Facebook Page at:

https://www.facebook.com/diannegillbrand and even message me on Facebook Messenger at http://m.me/diannegillbrand

I will be looking forward to it.  Until then, I remain Yours In Sass ~