My Proven Methods to Getting Amazing Sleep so that You Can Function at Your Best!

It’s true, counting sheep can be fun but it is pretty over-rated for helping us get some sleep.  With Life’s stressors today we need sleep all the more and for many reasons!  Let’s start with sleep habits – they’re much more important than you think.  Not sleeping  enough  and  not  sleeping  well  is  not  OK.  As  a  matter  of  fact,  there  is  quite  a price  to  pay.  It  may  surprise  you  to  learn  that  chronic sleep  deprivation for  whatever  reason, significantly  affects  your  health,  performance,  safety,  and  pocketbook.

There  are  many  causes of sleep  deprivation. The stresses  of  daily  life  may  intrude  upon  our ability  to  sleep  well or  perhaps  we  trade  sleep  for  more  work  or  play.  We  may  have  medical or mental-health  conditions  that  disrupt  our  sleep,  and be  well  aware  that  we  are  sleep-deprived.

However,  it  is  critically  important  to  realize that sleep  deprivation  is  very  often  due  to unrecognized  sleep  disorders. After  a  typical  night’s  sleep,  you  may  not  feel  restored  and refreshed  and  be  sleepy  during  the  day,  but  be  totally unaware  that  you  are  sleep-deprived  or have  a  sleep  disorder.  You might  think,  “It’s  just the  stress  of  work  or  the  kids,”  or  you  might have  “always  felt  this  way”  and had  no  idea  that  you  should  feel  differently.  This  lack of awareness  compounds  the  consequences,  because  so  many people  remain  undiagnosed  for years.  So we first need to be aware that we are really have sleep issues, acknowledge it and start to work on a solution!   I can help you with that by sharing my Free Nightly Routine for the Best Sleep EVA Guide. click the green button to nab it.

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My Proven Methods to Getting Amazing Sleep so that You Can Function at Your Best!

You will see how so many consequences like **Decreased  Performance  and  Alertness **Memory  and  Cognitive  Impairment **Stress  on Relationships **Poor  Quality  of  Life **Can Cause Occupational Injury **Can Cause Automobile Injury – can be results of lack of quality sleep. 

The  good  news  for  many  of  the  disorders  that  cause  sleep  deprivation  is  that  after  risk assessment,  education,  and  treatment,  memory  and  cognitive  deficits  improve  and  the number  of  injuries  decreases.  In  the  long  term,  the  clinical  consequences  of  untreated  sleep  disorders  are  large  indeed.  

They  are  associated with  numerous,  serious  medical  illnesses,  including:  
•High blood  pressure •Heart attack •Heart failure •Stroke •Obesity •Psychiatric problems, including  depression  and  other  mood  disorders •Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)  •Mental impairment  •Fetal and childhood growth retardation  •Injury from accidents  •Disruption of bed partner’s sleep quality.

OH and get this, John  Winkelman,  MD,  PhD,  medical  director  of  the  Sleep  Health  Center  at  Brigham  and  Women’s  Hospital  and  assistant  professor  of  psychiatry  at  Harvard  Medical  School  adds:

 “What  most  people  do  not  realize  is  that  better  sleep  habits  may  be  instrumental  to  the  success  of  any  weight  management plan.”

And  Michael  Thorpy,  MD,  director  of  the  Sleep/Wake  Disorders  Center  at  Montefiore  Medical  Center  in  New  York  adds,  “Any  American  making  a  resolution  to  lose  weight should  probably  consider  a  parallel  commitment  for  getting  more  sleep.” Did you know?  This makes PERFECT sense to me friends. 

AAAHHHH.  That’s some good stuff right there!!  Sleep is so  vital  to  our  mental clarity  and  every  day  bodily  functions.  How  is  your  sleep?  Are you  getting  enough?  Do you have a daily routine that makes getting to sleep a breeze?  Well…….with every post I like to empower you with a free resource to help you along in your wellness journey.  That’s why I have put together my Nightly Routine for the Best Sleep EVA Guide.  You can get it by clicking the green button here and I’ll get it right over to you. 

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