Has Your Mindset Been Hi-Jacked By Negativity? Here’s my Advice to Fix That!

As the seasons change in our lives we sometimes allow the crud part to impede on our thinking.  GIRLFRIEND, we all have it and we all do it.  I have spent the last two years working on myself and with diet change and the aid of some amazing all natural products I have been able to come to a reckoning with my thinking. 

What I have come to learn is this:  We are creating our own results and it all begins with our doubtful mentality.  We then begin a negative loop that continually makes its rounds in our heads.  So the results we are getting makes up our circumstances and those lead to our thoughts which then lead to our actions which then lead to our results and we are back to square one.  A very wise mentor taught me that: 


So why not LOOK FOR THE GOOD?  Friend, the thing you tell yourself day in and day out becomes who you are!!  OH MY STARS this is so powerful, right!?  So, your thoughts are creating your circumstances.  You change that negative self talk and you change your life.  Now, I know what you’re thinking……..hold on Chick-a-dee.  You’re thinking that this is some psychological hooey but hear me out on this.  Let’s break it down a bit:


Here is How It All Starts – A Negative Mindset:

Ladybug, we need to get it cleaned up.  Did you realize that a negative mindset also has the potential to harm our bodies on the inside?  Yep, an unhealthy mindset leads to an unhealthy body.  When we engage with negative self talk we begin to create our circumstances and it just becomes who we are.  Did you know that it can also take over our health!  To name a few common problems that negativity causes…..how about low energy, weight gain, hormonal issues, sleep problems, and poor gut health?  There are more but those alone should be enough to convince you.  So complete wellness begins with healthy mentality.



How Do I Start Changing My Mindset?

Start calling yourself out on your thinking!   I still do it today albeit not nearly as often as I once did.  It’s a skill you must practice to get better every day.  Recognize when you say something unkind to yourself and correct the error.  Just stop doing it.  You are worthy!  You are FREAKING amazing!  God made you like no other!  The world needs you fully (and positively) present!  We all need you to bring your skills, gifts and talents to us.  So.  Just.  Stop!  Please and thank you


Instead of living in dread, fear and constant self talk PLEASE FOR THE LOVE MY FAVORITE ESSENTIAL OIL, start anticipating Happiness, my friend!  Stop looking for the worse to happen, stop thinking you’re not good enough.  I promise you this….you will prove your worth to yourself if you change your negative mindset.

Visualize:  That’s right, I said it.  VISUALIZE living your life in a positive way!  Some may think this silly but I want you to know that before I even knew it was cool I was visualizing my life.  In fact, I can think back to when I was a young girl always wanting more in my life.  I was always thinking of moving forward and looking into the future and you know what?  Even today I am the chick that always has to have something to look forward to.  I will show you my calendar some day.  You’ll see that it’s booked for months on out…..just filled with my visualizations.  Just take some quiet time every single day to be still and Visualize your future in a positive way. 


Affirmations:  The way we think has everything to do with how we have been programmed throughout our lives.  This programming in our head has come from many sources and influences that we have been surrounded by.  Some we’ve told ourselves, some was taught to us by others.  This programming expresses itself in our lives every day in both our thoughts and actions; how we view problems, how we deal with stress, how we filter our thinking.  To get better programming it’s up to us alone to do the RE-programming!  Affirmations are a tool that will help us to do that. That means  repeatedly telling yourself who you want to be, what you want to accomplish and how you are going to accomplish it.  Your subconscious mind will shift your beliefs and behavior.  You will act and believe in new ways.  Stop laughing!  It’s true! I live this life.  I firmly believe that you can literally practice affirmations which will manifest  themselves into reality.  Go ahead, give it ago. 


This is a great place to begin getting your mindset headed on to a healthy place my friend.  You will find many free resources here on my blog if you want to click around.  I always like to empower you with a free resource each and every time I make a blog post so this week I want to set you up with some of my favorite Affirmations that can help get you started on that new and beautiful mindset.   Just click the green button here and I will get it right over to you! 




Make these your own – change them up as you want them.  Print them out and put it where you can see them and recite them each and every day. I repeat my Affirmations in the morning and again at night.  Also, please check out the

Did you get some value today from these Mindset tips?  I hope you did because each week I put my heart into making sure you get some amazing wellness tips and so you can get rocking with your new life of Vitality.   If you know someone else who could benefit from this post please feel free to share it.  Come on over to my Facebook page where I do a Live video each and every Tuesday evening at 7pm.  Come on over and Like my page so you won’t miss out on the fun.  Here are the links  See you there Chickadee!

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