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How To Set Conditions for Intentional Exercise So That You Can Maximize Your Wellness Results

You know you should exercise.  You know that the benefits are vast!  You know that it is going to make you feel like AMAZING when you’re done…..IF YOU COULD JUST GET OFF THE DANG COUCH!!

If you are like me – and have a stinky gene pool it is even more important to stay on your exercise game. I mean, I AM PURTYYYY MUCH A MACHINE when it comes to exercise YALL!! (shake head slowly)………….NOT REALLY, but dang it felt good to say that. No I’m certainly not a machine but what I really am is an intentional exerciser!   An Intentional exerciser does it on purpose. They prioritize their exercise because they know just how it’s going to benefit their lives and longevity! They schedule their exercise and set goals and conditions in place to provide continual improvement until they reach their full physical potential.

How to Set Conditions to Intentional Exercise So That You Can Reach Your Maximum Wellness Results

Why would you want to be an intentional exerciser? Let’s take a look at some of the amazing benefits that exercise can add to your life and they just can’t be ignored. 

walking tips

First.…. you know your limitation and you should of course consult with your doctor before starting but please do yourself this favor – Get moving!!!

Here’s why:

  • Exercise is huge fat fighter and I do not believe that there is any way that you could lose weight and keep it off forever if you didn’t include exercise in your life.
  • It gives you wonderful energy and vitality 
  • Feel better and the more you do it exercise will become habit!!  You will literally come to enjoy & crave it! 
  • More energy – yes the more your exercise the more energized you will feel! Have you ever been “wore out” as we call it in the south, just after a quick jaunt to the grocery store? Well, if that sounds like you perhaps you should consider that if you were a regular exerciser you would have improved strength and endurance to withstand such outings. 
  • It is never too late to start – no matter your age, physical ability or gender every single person alive benefits from exercise of some sort 
  • Exercise of course helps controls weight immensely. So when we do it we burn calories and when the intensity is sped up of course you burn even more! According to the Mayo Clinic you will not need to worry about finding huge chunks of time to exercise every day. They say to reap the benefits of exercise all you need is get more active throughout your day. Take the stairs at work, park the car further away from the office or dept store, small efforts add up! Just be consistent and MOVE!! 
  • Exercise helps combat heart disease and high blood pressure! So how this works is ……no matter your current weight activity boosts your HDL (that’s your good cholesterol) and literally decreases your triglycerides. This combo keeps that beautiful blood flowing smoothly and decreases your risk of cardiovascular disease. That goes for a myriad of other health risks!! 
  • Exercise stimulates our brain chemicals that could leave us feeling happier and relaxed. Ever heard someone say they need to “blow off some steam?” No better way than to exercise. 
  • SLEEP! Oh heck yeah! We all love sleep. Sleep is so amazing when you exercise. Although you shouldn’t do it near your bedtime or it just might energize you. Regular exercise can get you to sleep quicker and deeper. 
  • How about SEX LIFE: Ahhhh, this is where I have your attention, right? Just imagine if you’ve been exercising, you have more energy, your appearance is SMO—KIN”……WHUT…..YOU are going to be like……..BOW CHICA WOW WOW!!  This alone is worth a half hour a day on the elliptical friend! You’re Welcome! 
  • If you conduct that exercise outdoors it gets you out into nature where the amazing benefits of Essential Oils that are wafting through the air from our trees, flowers, shrubs!  Essential oils are natural God-given mood boosters! They’re just straight up feel good aromas. I don’t get the chance to get out anymore as much as I would like to because I work from home. Therefore I bring the essential oils to me but of course only the highest quality oils available.You can read about THE ONLY ESSENTIAL OILS I USE here in this red link. 

So wasn’t that a great line up of reasons to exercise? You know what friends, one common theme among people who successfully manage their weight and stay fit is that they possess a HABIT of exercise. Y’all you really must put exercise at the top of your priority list if you want to lose weight, stay healthy and keep a normal weight for a lifetime. I am happy to be your sounding board and that’s what this blog is all about. I am in the game too, I continue to strive for ultimate health every day.  Walking is always a great way to start with exercise.  Click the big green button here to get my Beginner’s Tips to Walking.

I want to tell you that it IS within you and you can do it. There is no excuse not too….it’s just too important for your longevity. Even if you hate it in the beginning I am certain you will come to love it quickly when you reap the rewards of it.

Perhaps you’re struggling with some sort of emotional stigma that is tied to exercise. Maybe you’ve been told you’re not worthy, maybe you’ve been made to feel that you are less than you are. Honey that’s just not true. You are not your circumstances and you are not less than the wealthiest man in the universe. We were all created equal an you are worth every ounce of effort you put in to your health and your life to make it better. You are good and you are good enough. You deserve nothing less than your best.  Soooo….

How to Set Conditions to Intentional Exercise So That You Can Reach Your Maximum Wellness Results?

This is the easy part.  Set conditions on exercise dependent upon obligatory things you MUST do.  For example:   I must brush my hair before I go to work.  So I set the condition of brushing my hair only after exercise!  Brushing my teeth is another good one.  I cannot brush my teeth until exercise.  Make this deal/promise/condition with yourself (whatever it looks like to you) and do not break it for any reason.  If you agree that you will exercise for 4 days per week and you set conditions to it DO NOT BREAK IT for love or money!!

The Mayo Clinic tells us that we should “Aim for at least 150 minutes per week of moderate-intensity exercise, or 75 minutes per week of vigorous exercise and to try to engage in a combination of vigorous and moderate aerobic exercises, such as running, walking or swimming.” These of course are ‘big scary goals” and there is nothing wrong with that. If you are a beginner at exercise perhaps you can set a goal each week amping it up 10 mins each week and adding an activity? Again, check with your doctor but whatever you do, get that booty movin” DOLL!!!

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Thank you so much for spending some time with me and as with every episode I like to thank you by providing a free resource to help you along in your journey. Since we’re talking about intentional exercise today I have put together my a free resource of my Beginner’s Walking TipsYou can pick that up right here.

walking tips

This will get you ON THE MOVE!  Hope you enjoy!  Hey and please feel free to reach out to me on social media with the links below!  I would love to hear where you are in your journey.  So for now I bid you a great day Y’all!  I’ll see ya on the next video episode – until then take care of you!

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