So, are you getting the results you have been searching for in your wellness journey?  Sister, you are preaching to the choir!   That was me for far too long.  It took me finally nailing down the perfect strategy for my total wellness to realize that I was doing it all wrong in the past.

If you have not done so, I invite you to read my About page to see the exact reasons I kept running myself in the ditch and off course…….every……dang……..time!   Add a sluggish thyroid to the mix and you have the perfect storm – one which afford you every reason and excuse in the world to give yourself a “pass” at achieving overall wellness.

Why am I sharing my Strategy to Weight loss and Wellness?

That’s an easy one.  You see, I’m a total people person and once I discovered that the combination of these three strategies were so powerful for me I wanted to share them.  I know there are many women out there who are going through the struggles with their weight and total wellness.  That’s why you’re reading this blog right now.  I still have ways to go but I’ve learned so much and I want to take you along with me.

So!  In this video episode I am going to share with you what each of these are in hopes you get some value to apply to your efforts.  I truly hope you do!  So I’ll give you a brief outline below but the video in its entirety is right here!

My Strategy to Crack the Wellness Code (Weight Loss – Wellness) – Episode 002

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So, with every blog post or Video episode I like to extend a free resource to you that you download immediately to help you along in your journey.

This week I put together Shopping List Tear Sheets for you to print out, make a list of only your healthy grub and then take it with you to the grocery store every single time!  Just click the green download button to get your copy!  This video will tell you the jest of a good healthy regimen.  You will find another great resource in My All Natural Guide to Weight Loss on the Home page.  Be sure to check it out before you take your pretty list and head off to the supermarket!

So here we go!  My Strategy to Crack the Wellness Code consists of three very measurable and doable action steps to get you started to true weight loss and wellness:

1. Whole Eating

That’s right!  As you will hear in this video You Are What You Eat!   Now, I should tell you I am not a doctor (shocker!) and I cannot diagnose or treat anyone of course BUT SISTER, can I just tell you that the best program I have ever found for myself is The Whole 30.  Grab a pen and paper and be ready to jot down the information I give you in this video.  You will want to get the book The Whole 30 by Dallas Hartwig and Melissa Hartwig.  It’s one of the best books I’ve ever read for my physical well-being!  I really did change my life.

Eating good whole foods the way God intended them to be will simply amaze you in how your body will shift and change.  GET IT, DO IT!  I’ll do it with you, tell me when!!!  I LOVE WHOLE EATING and what it does for my body.

2.  Confronting Feelings & Emotions

This is huge y’all!  I cannot stress this enough.  This was the biggest factor that was holding me back.  My youth and early adulthood was riddled with pain and emotional wreckage.  Each and every one of these emotions were buried deep in my heart (even my little kid heart) and was manifesting themselves in negative ways….my weight for one.

I have a guide you can find on my Home page called Confronting Feelings & Emotions that was inspired by the great Dr. Phil McGraw.  I put together a Deal, Seal & Heal plan that I used to get me to the good clean mindset I enjoy today.   I truly want that for you too!

3. Consistent Use of High Quality Essential Oils

I have a whole page dedicated to this.  These are not just any oils, friend.  These are of the highest quality attainable.  I wouldn’t dream of putting a department store oil on or in my body.  I have an entire regimen that I consistently do daily from the time I was introduced to them two years ago.  Hence the reason I was able to confront my emotions.

I use my precious essential oils when I feel emotional, need a little boost of energy, need some clarity when I’m working on projects (like this blog), super hormonal support, Sleep support, you name it.  I either diffuse, put them on my body, inhale from my palms and/or bottle or even take it internally.  AGAIN, please do not take an essential oil internally….you really MUST read the label and do your research.

You can see The Only Essential Oil I use HERE.  That’s it!  That’s my personal strategy to live like a downright GANGSTA (jus playin’).  Again, here’s your action steps:

  • Print off your free resource, Shopping List Tear Sheets here:

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  • Watch the Video to glean some important info.
  • Write down your list of whole foods, fresh free range or grass-fed proteins, veggies, fats.  Leave out grains and inflammatory foods. (We have an episode of A Beginner’s Guide to Whole Eating here at diannegill.com).
  • Take it to the supermarket with you!
  • Go to my Home, Blog and Resource page to check out all kinds of goodness!  When you’re on the blog we have many wellness subjects so be sure to use the Search button (small magnifying glass at the top right corner) to find anything you’re looking for.

There you have it friends!  You are well on your way to a very good start.  Like/Follow me here at diannegill.com so that we can keep in touch and keep learning.  We have so so many super resources coming up here on diannegill.com and also over on our Facebook Page at  Dianne Gill Facebook Page

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