All natural weight loss

Losing weight the all natural way?  YES, I am 40 pounds in to a new weight loss journey – it can be done!!

This eating plan is unlike any other I’ve known before but has grown to amazing proportions.  The first three months was amazing,  having lost 21 pounds.  I treasure that time because I did a hard thing!    It helped me to see what I’m made of.

I have had a knee surgery and an incident with my thyroid since then BUT all in all, I have continued my journey.  I stopped by here to pick you up and take you along with me……So let’s SCOOT, shall we?

Friend, I’ve been plagued with a self doubt mindset long enough.  When I discovered a whole eating plan a few years ago I began a journey that I could stick to.  Yes, there were/are setbacks and some we cannot foresee but it’s ok.  We’re human.  As Dory said in finding Nemo, just keep swimmin’.  We go on.  This plan has made it so easy to do.  That’s why I want to share the deets with you  in hopes that my experience can help you too!


I want to share with you all about shedding those pounds the all natural way.  As with every post I like to empower you with a free resource and with this post I have put together one awesome piece of goodness my friend!

Beginner’s Guide to Whole Eating

It is my Beginner’s Guide to Whole Eating and it is chocked full of good information for eating whole foods while losing the weight the all natural way.  Of course you should use good judgement in portion control, exercise and get adequate water.  Those are resources that I cover in other posts so keep that on your radar!

Go ahead and click on the big green button to download this Guide and get started on your way.


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Have you heard of it?  Honestly, it ain’t for sissys!  However, it is so worth it and as stated before once you do it for a while it becomes easy.  You can read a lot about it online but I highly suggest you just purchase the book, The Whole 30 by Dallas Hartwig and Melissa Hartwig.  You will want to refer to it over and over during your “round”.  This system resets the body and detoxes our system of all of the inflammation damage we’ve done to it.  This happens from eating various foods that are not necessarily on the healthy list!  Over time it really wreaks havoc on our bodies.  Inflammation in my view is like a swelling sensation.


The whole idea is to eat nothing but whole foods, no grains, no dairy (this means clarifying your butter), no inflammatory foods, no preservatives for 30 whole days.  The rules are strict I will warn you.  You literally take an oath that you will not cheat, no one time, not a taste, barely a smell (my words)……AND if you do cheat, you start all over, back to Day 1.  Doesn’t that sound exciting?  Challenging?  HECK YEAH!!  This 30 day challenge will make you acutely aware of what your body does and does not like.  It will also give your body a clean re-start.


That is where I live today my friends.  After reading the book it became my food Bible.  Food freedom is what I was striving for from the start.  Until the first round of Whole 30 I never knew how badly addicted I was to SUGAR…….especially in my coffee.  I learned that I didn’t really like coffee AT ALL.  it was the sugar I loved.  Honestly, drinking it black is like sucking on a tree root in my opinion, JS.  When you live in food freedom you are not addicted to any food category, product or item.  Food freedom means you can enjoy a sample of something you love and then leave it alone.  You don’t have to eat the WHOLE pie, but a slice, sliver or bite.  Whatever makes you satisfied.  I could not do that before Whole 30 and eating whole GOOD food straight from Mother Earth.


Inside this Beginner’s Guide to Whole Eating you will find other resources to help you along in your journey.  Also inside this guide you will find clear details of how to start and live a whole food life.  This blog is designed specifically to help and support you and I hope you will take full advantage of it. Here is the green button link to get the Guide.

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I have really put my heart into creating the guides and help that you see on my blog.   I do it for folks who, like me, have struggled so much with staying above the wellness line.  It’s my passion and I pray you get some value out of this resource.  If you did share this blog with a friend if you know anyone who would glean from it.  Sharing my stuff is the single biggest compliment I believe 🙂

I would love to hear about you and your journey. Please feel free to reach out to me through the contact methods below!!

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Until then my friend, I am Yours in Sass ~