We are half way through the week with having our sweet grans here with us in E Tennessee.  They  have a way of making you feel young again……as long as they aren’t chasing you (insert eye roll).watermelon

These are two amazing, sweet, energetic, rambunctious boys and they certainly keep us on our toes.   We love having Jaiden and Hunter here with us during the summer.  It’s typically only for a week but we cherish it.

I was a little worried about doing a Whole 30 during July because like many others I have a lot going on….but here I am killin’ it!  I mean, I feel like a ROOM with a ROOF, Y’all!  BOOM, Up Top!  I have created meal after meal for these little chipmunks yet I have been able to keep myself on track.  T H E R E she is, there’s that gal with the can-do spirit!  She has showed the heck up.

Before the boys got here I thought I might face some challenges with what kids love to eat during the summer.  So, I went to the grocery store and loaded the kitchen with fresh fruit and veggies.  I made a couple of recipes to last me throughout the week and it’s been SO good.  The boys have loved all of the fruit and more times than not they’ve chosen the fresh fruit over junk.  In fact, besides a breakfast of pancakes and an occasional popsicle they’ve eaten pretty darn good!

Another helpful thing is that they love their essential oils, just like their grandparents.  They use these oils in everything and I couldn’t be happier.  I am educating them about oils at every single chance I get.  I not only cook with them but use them in veggie capsules and sometimes just on my tongue.  Of course I use the absolute top quality oils as you just can’t do that with over the counter oils.

Oh and MY popsicles are made out of a super antioxidant drink that has given us all (even Jake, the dog) the best whole body support ever.  Using it is just like flooding our body with fruits and vegetables!!  Having the kiddos learn and enjoy the oily lifestyle is just an added bonus to having them here for the summer.

In wrapping up this week on this 24th day of a Whole 30 round I can smile and give hope to women all over the world (ok, ok, E. Tennessee) that it can be done!  Hang tough my sweet friends.  You got this!