Today is day 30 y’all.  Victory is minnnnnnne!  I have made it through a round of Whole 30!victory

Now to decide what plan I shall follow from here.  In all honestly I haven’t really tried another since I’ve discovered Whole 30.  I will remain on this plan until I figure out what’s best for me.  Can I just tell you how I love this program?  I love how it makes me feel and what it does for my body.  If you have not done a round of Whole 30 I highly recommend you try.  You can start with the book, It Starts with Food or go straight for The Whole 30 book.  Either way you will be amazed at what you learn about yourself.

I need to do more research on Paleo and Keto.  They’re both pretty popular right now.  One thing I have to keep in mind is that any plan that will allow me to mimick sugar probably will not work for me.  That’s a huge lesson I’ve learned since doing W30 rounds for the last two years.  I have a very big problem with sugar.  I can’t stop at one cup (coffee with sugar and cream) or just one glass of sweet tea.  It only makes me want more and once I start getting more it seems that it’s a gateway to just eating poorly until I can wrangle myself together again.  I HATE how eating poorly makes me feel. BLAH!

Now that I’ve accomplished a “reset” I am going to saddle up and ride off, doing what I do.  I am no amateur at dieting.  I’ve had many many years of practice and I know how this is done.  I have a clear vision of my goals that lie ahead both physically and professionally and I’m ON IT!  I know the whole sugar addiction will be testin’ my Gangsta but I won’t let it win.  I’ve got a good leg up on breaking that addiction and I’ll be like butta and just roll with it. (Ya see what I did there?).

Today, the last day, I will fill my essential oil diffuser and slather my neck and wrists and just keep swimming!!  I can see my beautiful destination and I will not deviate!!  Come with me friends