roseIt would be my pleasure!  

Have you ever walked out  into a beautiful rose garden and immediately get into a good mood or maybe complete peace wash over you?

Have you taken a whiff of a fresh lemon or orange and just feel more invigorated? 

Have you ever taken a walk in a forest an just inhaled the aromas of the trees and flowers around you?  It is the best therapy in the world and it’s given to us for free.  God made these essential oils as his very first medicine
Somewhere along the road of life we have forgotten that he is an amazing provider.  The problem is in this digital age we are rarely able to get out of the house and reap these amazing benefits. 
If you have done any of these things, Congratulations, you have already experienced essential oils. Essential oils are the lifeblood of the plant and carry nutrients and oxygen to the plant. They are the aromatic liquids found in trees, bushes, roots, plants, seeds and fruit rinds.  They are also the protection for these plants, etc.

Essential Oils:

*Are aromatic and oxygenating*  *Are Immune Supporting*  *Vitality oils Support every system in our body*  *Are Mood Enhancing*  *Vitality Oils Aid in Digestion issues*  *Help us to Manage our Stress*  *Vitality oils Support normal cellular function*  *Supports mental clarity for us*  *Promotes incredible Sleep*  *Promotes vitality, energy and longevity*  Just to name a few!

How Do I Use Essential Oils?

This is the very first question I had when I when I was told about essential oils.  I mean, I had never put an oil on my body before not to mention INHALE one.  I quickly realized though that when we wear TRUE QUALITY 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils there are so many ways we are able to use them.   So pull up a chair, grab a cup of Joe and let me tell you about a few ways my family use them.  We use them daily and nightly in our diffusers. They clean and purify our home without toxic fumes or artificial, chemical laden product.  We use them at night time to help support an amazing restful sleep.  We use them to aid in digestion, to calm us during stressful days, to boost our immune system, soothe us during winter months, seasonal issues and sniffles.  We use them to aid in mental clarity and support us in daily exercise and yes, I even cook with them! 

OH and don’t get me started on the Essential Oil infused products that I clean with or the Essential Oil infused mineral makeup I use that are without toxins.  We also use them in all of our personal care products and I did I mention how my dog Jake loves his oil infuse pet products?  Oh he’s a big fan too.  

Well now, I almost forgot!  We in the oily world also use essential oils to DIY our very own products because then we know what is in them.  Not to mention it’s so much fun and relaxing!  We will gather a few friends together, work on our DIY projects and cackle the night away.  SO.  MUCH.  FUN.  I have a whole section on it here on my blog.  Click this link to get there DIY Page. 

We also wear our oils on diffuser jewelry.  RIGHT?!  I mean, if you have a product that helps to keep you chilled throughout the day or gives you clarity why wouldn’t you want to have that at your disposal all day? 

Does Quality Matter?

You bet it does!  Read your labels.  Never use a store bought essential oil if you will be inhaling them (diffusing or otherwise) and certainly do not ingest them.  There are no good, sound, regulations placed on essential oils in the U.S – it is required that only a tiny amount of essential oil be in a bottle that is sold over the counter.  Therefore, most times you are ingesting nothing but toxic fillers & synthetics if you purchase these oils.  I have more on that in my blog post entitled “Does Quality Matter”.  You will be amazed.  There is only one essential oil company I trust to bring me the highest quality essential oil!

My friend if you have not started your all natural oily journey yet and you would like to know the only oil I use I am happy to share that with you.  Just provide your email below if you would like more information on that.  We have barely scratched the surface with the power of these little drops of goodness!  Thank you so much for your interest.  I’m looking forward to getting to know you!