This day really has me downright frolicking, y’all.  I am a few days past completing a round of Whole 30 and I have had the most amazing epiphany!unicorn

I started thinking about what I would do next, what healthy diet (lifestyle) I would like to pursue going forward.  In retrospect of years gone by I wanted to pinpoint my problem in a great effort as to not repeat it.  I’ve been combing through my mind trying to capture where I start to make that dreadful wrong turn that sends me running off in to the ditch with my eating habits.   So, I knew I needed to start at the place of what I begin to crave once I have completed a round.

Of course the answer was obvious!  If you’ve learned anything about me you know that I am a coffee/cream/sugar addict!   The first thing I envision myself doing is diving head first into a barrel of that sweet, creamy hot swill.  Typically I am salivating and dreaming of it on Day 28.  Once I am finished with a round, salivate and dive deep into my coffee, that becomes the catalyst that runs me in the ditch then down the drain pipe and into an ocean of guilt every single time.  How was I going to prevent it from happening again?

If coffee, my way, is what catapults me into bad behavior time and time again then I have to do something different.  I’ve tried everything.  I thought perhaps I just might as well quit drinking coffee.  I mean, there is no way in this world I would entertain the thought of drinking it black?  Ahem, Ahem.   Um, no.  As I said before I believe this particular drink is tied to some incredible childhood memories for me which makes it so hard to stop.

That was until……..I tried my coffee a couple of days ago, with Cinnamon Bark Vitality essential oil (only top quality ingestible).  Y’all I’ve tried Orange oil, Citrus , Lime  – you  name it.  The minute I slurped on that Cinnamon Bark cup of joe I knew I had found  my Unicorn……..and just like that I was in love again and just in the nick of time.  Did you know that Cinnamon Bark has a slight sweet taste?  ME either!  OH MY WORD……HAPPY DAY!!   Can I tell you a secret?  I was dreading the person I might be without coffee.  I mean, I bet our precious Jesus wouldn’t even take MY wheel without coffee! 

WHEW!  Y’all it tastes amazing.  Yes, I put two tablespoons of half and half in it too and it’s close enough for me.  You see I won’t get the addiction part of the sugar because it’s not sugar!  Gosh I feel like Dancin a jig!   I think I just might.  It’s even better if you blend it a bit and make it frothy.

I’m going to leave that right there and just let you ponder that for a bit.  Give it a go and see what you think.  I bet you’re going to love it too!  Let me know if you need me to send you a sample.  It’s too good not to share.